This isn’t about leaving your legacy, it’s about living it.

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This isn’t about leaving your legacy, it’s about living it.

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About Russ

If you are like me, your business has evolved to be the very definition of your future. You get excited when talking about the latest developments, and the passion that you have for your profession can be witnessed from across the room. The business that you have created is more than a profit center or a job. It is your life’s work. It is your reason to get up in the morning. It is your dream.

This is your legacy. It’s time that you start living it, and it’s an honor for me to come along for the ride!

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Do any of the statements below sound like you?

  • I’m constantly putting out fires and can’t take time to plan for the future.
  • I need to enhance my productivity but I can’t work any faster than I am.
  • I’d like to make more effective decisions but sometimes I’m just brain dead.
  • I’ve got to do everything myself if it’s going to get done right.
  • This place would fall apart if I took a vacation.
  • I need more free time — for family, friends, hobbies, or me.
  • I had no idea how much stuff I’d have to take care of myself as a business owner.
  • I’m constantly worried about what should have been done yesterday or what has to get done tomorrow — I’m rarely focused.

If so, you need to start thinking about how to increase profit, streamline operations and get your life back.

How will Coaching help a Small Business?

The difference between small business coaching and business coaching for large companies is in scale and complexity. Regardless of size, all companies have a financial motive for using coaching. The major difference, having spoken to both small business coaches and their clients, is that many small business owners will also rely on their business coaches for expert business knowledge in addition to the coaching. 

When it comes to scaling a business or even just getting by, entrepreneurs and small business owners are often the greatest impediments to their own growth. With many hats to wear within their company, executives and owners often feel like they are on an island, without enough time or bandwidth to think about the bigger picture.

Progeny Coaching and Consulting helps entrepreneurs and small business owners not only think about the bigger picture, but create it by implementing structure and strategy into their business. Whether you are in the beginning stages of your operation and want to scale or your business has stalled, Progeny provides a tailored, growth-oriented approach to overcoming obstacles and creating long-term success.

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Who’s it for

I Need Coaching

It’s ok. You’re not alone. In fact, most leaders of all businesses from start-up to Fortune 500’s have areas to improve in.

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I Need Clarity

Clarity is critical in any business evolution. It leads to better business decisions and outcomes. Ultimately, it leads to a higher probability of success.

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I Need Education

Even the most experienced leaders from the largest companies hire consultants. Why? To gain an outside perspective from experienced professionals that can fill gaps where internal resources are missing. Small business owners have an even greater need for filling knowledge gaps.

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